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Navigating New Opportunities

The Professional Conference on Industrial Hygiene (PCIH) 2011 – Navigating New Opportunities
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

The Professional Conference on Industrial Hygiene (PCIH) 2011

American Industrial Hygiene Association
2700 Prosperity Avenue, Suite 250
Fairfax, VA 22031-4321
T: (703) 849-8888
F: (703) 207-8558


Risk Assessment Symposium – Converging Risk Analysis, Management and Perception
sponsored by the Risk Assessment Committee
Presented at PCIH in Baltimore, MD
Thursday and Friday, November 3-4, 2011

Dr John Howard to give Keynote address at the 2011 Risk Assessment Symposium in the USA

NIOSH Director John Howard will be the keynote speaker at the upcoming Risk Assessment Symposium-Converging Risk Analysis, Management, and Perception, on 3-4 November 2011, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA (preceding the Professional Conference of Industrial Hygiene).

The symposium is designed to provide participants with a combination of global and local perspectives on important drivers to risk assessment, risk management, and risk communication and how to make a greater impact in solving complex problems.

10 October
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Why Industrial Psychologists Have Better Salary

Industrial psychology is a diverse field that deals with the worker’s productivity, training of employees, assessment and human resources. This field requires someone to perform general psychology in deriving principles of individual, group and organizational behavior, and applying knowledge to the solution of problems at work. Some Industrial psychology specialists work in research or academic positions with specialization on human-computer interaction and human factors, while experienced industrial psychologists are usually employed as consultants.

As businesses recognize the value of industrial psychology specialists, the demand for such workforce is rapidly escalating especially in the US. As a result, people working in this field of psychology ask for higher salary at $94,720 per year, which is quite higher than the standard salary for other fields of psychology which can only earn $68,640 a year. Dealing with people with varieties of individual indifferences including their strengths and weaknesses both in physical and mental abilities is not that easy. They even go deeper into examining bodily fitness such as muscular strength, flexibility and stamina that can greatly affect one’s attitude towards work as well as workmanship. In this aspect, they understand people who consider the program like superman stamina as means to control the sexual problem that can affect one’s mood even in the workplace resulting to work inefficiency.

For some neophytes in this field, the job is really a heck, but since the salary really compensates the effort, they eventually get used to it- working with people in assuring their physical, emotional and mental well-being while at work. Although not included in their salary, they also work on some issues on the common problems that men encounter when reaching their senior years. They sometimes encourage people with problems on their sexual life to refer on the best site for such concern.

26 May
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Industrial Health Conference 2013

The world is not a safe place as it seems, disease continually grow and develop from day to day. You have viral disease and a large variety of strains of virus. With the society and environmental factors, bacteria and virus are evolving on an incredible rate. From the homes of pigs, chickens and even the human body itself can be a medium for the mutation. We can never be truly safe from the hazards brought about by nature. The only thing we can do is to defend ourselves, and a small group of people have dedicated their lives in keeping the world of disease controlled.

If you have watched movies relating to Zombie outbreaks or virus outbreaks, you surely have heard the movie mentioning about the CDC or the Center for Disease Control. This is one major branch in the field of industrial health, composed of individuals specialized in the field of biology, microbiology, biotechnology and anatomy. They basically are the ones to recognize and help find a cure for diseases. They are not only existent in movies but also in real life. In action during the outbreak of SARS and AH1N1, the two largest outbreaks that shocked the world, they maintain a standard for their institution through conferences. There are actually a number of preliminary schedules for this year of 2013. They have one in each month starting in May until October, mostly about company health safety, training and forums of new findings and researches.

With the help of this institution, we are safe from the microbiological threats. In a case of a disease outbreak or when infected by a virus or bacteria, it might as well be a plus to have something to pay for medical bills and medicines. Always maintain a good credit history and be legible for an installment loan, you may never really know when you are going to be sick, might as well have a back-up plan.

25 May
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Disability Assistance

Disability is indeed an unwelcomed burden that may result from the impairment of one or many human functions. Our disabled loved ones or friends may need constant monitoring and assistance. It can also be hard on some family members because they still have to work to support their patient.

This circumstance has led to scientific and social advancements that escort the disabled and to alleviate their deficiencies. and many other websites help to further this goal.

The many types of disability may be categorized as the following:

  • Intellectual – mental retardation is the most common example of this type and usually involves the lack of intellectual capacity caused by hereditary or brain injuries.
  • Development – problems in growth that cannot be attributed to mental or intellectual aspects. Mental – illness that is of psychological or behavioral by nature. Because of the unfathomable character of the human brain, no exact definition of mental illnesses has been categorized and the list may differ from culture to culture.
  • Non-visible – asthma, diabetes, and other chronic diseases fall under this category since they have the possibility to hinder normal human functions.
  • Physical – limbs and bones are affected by this sort of disability with either the lack or weak normal functions of the above mentioned. It may also cover sicknesses that hamper physical activity such as sleep apnea.
  • Sensory – issues regarding the human senses are covered by this type. Subtypes under this category are vision, hearing, olfactory, gustatory, somatosensory and balance.
17 May
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Industrial Sanitation and its Relation to Personal Hygiene

Historians say that the golden years of Great Britain occurred simply because of two things. First is when it became a naval power. The second is when the industrial revolution of the country started. Before the industrial revolution, Great Britain had what people call now cottage industries. The revolution not only brought more money into the country to allow it to prosper and progress, but also allowed it to make better quality products.

The Other Side

There are always two sides to a coin. In Great Britain’s case, the revolution also brought with it pollution and disease. In this world, these two great depressants always arrive together. The amount of pollution suffered by the country is actually where industrial sanitation first began its existence. Today, industrial sanitation is at its finest. The government implemented laws to enforce proper sanitation, while well-meaning factories and refineries teach their employees the ways on how industrial sanitation can be done and should be done at the workplace.

In a way, industrial sanitation also embodies some parts of maintaining personal hygiene. Take for example the act of bathing. Now, employees in these factories are exposed to dangerous chemicals that can only be removed through bathing. Some of these chemicals are aerosol so they get into the nose and mouth which undoubtedly needs efficient brushing to remove. Efficiency in this case can only be achieved from using an electric toothbrush, as will be shown at Think of industrial sanitation as the stricter form of maintaining personal hygiene.

13 May
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Effect of Industrial Policies to the Environment

Pollution or we can say environmental problems are getting worse nowadays. Many changes in man’s routine affect the environment. One of these is too much use of plastic in our everyday life.

When we wake up in the morning and we go to the shower room, we get our soaps which are placed in a plastic. When we buy in a grocery store, too many plastics are used. The meats are placed in a separate plastic with the other products. Soaps, shampoos, lotions, deodorants, and perfumes are placed in a separate plastic too.

Aside from plastics, pollution or environmental problems are also caused by human’s maltreatment of Mother Earth. Smoking can also destroy our environment. The cigarette’s smoke not only affect our nature specifically our ozone layer but also they can affect a person’s health. Smoking affects not just the user’s health but also the secondhand smokers which are the non-users but those who exhale the smoke released by smokers to the air. Although an electronic cigarette or also known as E cigaret is invented for less environmental effects, it is still not proven by the experts.

Industries also contribute too much to the pollution especially in our air. To avoid these, some policies for the industrial sector related to environment care were being implemented by the government. Industrial policies are the official’s strategic plan for the improvement of the industrial sectors and to heighten its competitiveness.

Example of industrial policy is import-substitution-industrialization. Import-substitution-industrialization (ISI) is a policy that reduces the amount of imported products and is replaced with local products. ISI reduces the foreign dependency of a particular country.

Industrial policies are agreed by not everybody. Many people find it ineffective. Some Industries also disagrees with it because it will affect their income and revenue.

13 May
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Funding Grants for Disabled Person

Being born with disability poses a great challenge to a disabled person. Apart from being physically challenged, they also face emotional distress. Additionally, the loved ones of the person with disability also go through the same phase of understanding and adjustment on their part. That is why the government and some private sectors are giving some aids and grants to somehow make the disabled’s life as easy as possible. There are sites dedicated to give information about grants and special aids for a person for disability and a lot other people. The famous portal talks a lot about grants for single mothers.

Generally, funding for the disabled is available in four categories which are housing, personal needs, education and starting a business.

Under the housing category, the grant assists the disabled individual to obtain rental assistance, purchasing a home, housing vouchers and home accessibility. This includes financial assistance to buy equipment to make the home accessible.

The education grants are offered by different private sectors that range from $1,000-$25,000 per annum. This grant is for those who have mental, sensorial and physical disability.

Those who want to start a business can take advantage with the grant provided by the federal government.

Lastly, local community agencies provide grants for paying household expenses as well as purchasing groceries.

Disability grants are made to help improve the quality of life of those disabled individuals. Thus, if you or someone you know is disabled, it is best to start researching for those agencies and organizations that give funding grants for those persons.

12 May
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Industrial Medicine Cabinet for Your Pet

There are problems that your pet might experience when it comes to pet boarding and such problems may be caused by stress and anxiety as a result of your pet being away from home. Prior to immediately resolving to the traditional method of dealing with such pet concerns, you can use a variety of good approaches and products that can be very beneficial to these animals.

This article will show you some of the common problems you may experience along with some very effective methods in dealing with them. These methods can also improve your pet’s chances of being able to recover quickly.

Hot Spots and Lick Granulomas

These are also frequently started by stress.

Apple cider vinegar (raw, organic, and unfiltered) – Malic acid provides apple cider vinegar the qualities of being anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. Anti-fungal products can be found at, if you can’t find them at the local veterinarian’s office. When topically applied, it can eliminate the outward symptoms of skin problems. Adding it to the dog’s meal is also very beneficial.


This condition can be caused by the stress of boarding despite a facility that’s calm and serene. Boarding still means being away from home and this can be a new and unfamiliar experience to your pet. The stress of being away from home can manifest in your pet as wet stools and this will increase when the pet and its owner reunite.

There are many facilities that provide dogs with an over-the-counter product. However, here are some alternatives to try first:

  • Fasting – Fasting the dog until it excretes normal stool potentially solves the problem. This can go for 12 to 24 hours depending on your dog. If you keep on feeding the dog despite his stressed digestive system, this can worsen the problem.
  • Food choices – Try acidophilus, yogurt, and kefir.
10 May
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What Comprises Industrial Relations?

Each of our field is treated as an industry of its own. Industry will not work without relations. Relations involve persons. If these relations will not be maintained, the industry will suffer from internal damage due to attitude and manner of the people around. This pertains to a bad relationship among employees and even between bosses and employees themselves.

  • The industry will not work without human resource. This will necessarily mean that the industry is not just about the capital placed and invested by the owner, it has also something to do with people who labor for them. Hence, the said relation is highly collective and not just belonging to a single sided party.
  • In a certain industry, the right to form association is of great consideration. As stated in various Bill of Rights of countries, this right is self-executing and cannot be intervened by any other entity such as the government and even the owner of the company per se. Given such right, it cannot be interfered; otherwise, bad relations will be a problem. To give what is due to the workers such as the right to appropriate compensation and possible wage increases, and benefits entitlement are forms of good relations.

Phen375 Review says that a healthy industrial relation needs a policy which must govern in the daily transactions and activities of the industry. The said policy and agreement as well must serve as the highest law of the parties which they are bound to follow and obey.

Lester Balog, a construction worker, a labor activist who was born in Hungary said that “Industrial relations involve attempts at arriving at solutions between the conflicting objectives and values; between the profit motive and social gain; between discipline and freedom, between authority and industrial democracy; between bargaining and co-operation; and between conflicting interests of the individual, the group and the community.”

10 May
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The Circuit de Monaco

The Circuit de Monaco runs through the streets of La Condamine and Monte Carlo, around Monaco harbour. The first Monaco Grand Prix was organised by Anthony Noghs in 1929, and is considered to be one of the very most prestigious automobile races on earth.

The first Grand Prix of Monaco was won by William Grover Williams, then followed by others great names like Schumacher, Senna, Prost, Fangio, Graham Hill.

It is the slowest and the hardest of-the World Formula 1 Championship.

The Grand Prix of Monaco is a wonderful legendary race that all the pilots dream to win on the circuit of the Principality.

The circuit’s elevations shifts, tight corners and a narrow course make it one-of the trickiest in Formula One. It features both the slowest corner in the sport (the Grand Hotel hairpin, taken at just 50kph (31mph) and one of the quickest (the flat out kink in the tunnel, three turns beyond the hairpin, taken at 260kph (160mph).

Coming to the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco is one instant unforgettable that you have to expect and prepare.

Today the Grand Prix of Monaco is globally known even by the least excited of motor sport and after various modification on the path (turn Sainte – Commit, the turn of the restaurant La Rascasse), the circuit measures currently 3, 367 km. Due to its duration the Grand Prix is restricted to 78 turns.

It is in 1929, on April 14th at 13:30, under the honorary Presidency of S.A.S. the Prince Louis II the Grand Prix of Monaco was born thanks in particular to President Anthony Noghes who revealed a strong will in order to help you to form in the smallest European state (after the Vatican) an occasion of this scale. His notion strongly supported by the Prince Louis II may be concretized thanks to its motivation and support of the famous pilot Monegasque, Louis Chiron.

Because even a small mistake within the streets of the principality is fatal to win in Monaco is hard.

While overtaking is notoriously tough, the circuit’s twists and turns favour the skill of the driver over the power of the automobiles.

In 2012 Mark Webber made it three victories in a row for Red Bull Racing.

2 May
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Eurovision 2013 Results

Soon we are going to understand Eurovision 2013 results. The way the results are counted?

A round, known as the semi – final, was launched for the Eurovision 2004 Contest.

The ten most highly-placed non-Big Four countries in the grand final were assured a place in these year’s grand final, with no need to take part in next year’s semi. The remaining nations – which had not automatically certified for the grand final – had to enter the semi.

At the 50th annual meeting of the EBU in September 2007, it was decided that in the 2008 Contest onwards there would be held two semi-finals. From 2008 onwards, the scoreboard position of any prior years has not been pertinent, and – save for the automatic qualifiers – all participating countries have had to participate in the semi-finals, regardless of the previous year’s scoreboard position. The only states which automatically be eligible for the grand final are the Big Five, and the host state : France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Uk, who continue to appreciate their protected position.

The voting systems found in the Eurovision Song Contest have altered through the years. The current system has been in place because 1975, and it is a positional voting system. Countries give a set of factors from 1 to 8, then 10 and ultimately 12 to other songs in the competition – with the favourite song being given 12 points.

Who wins Eurovision 2013? The answer is on

21 April
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What It Takes to Study Industrial Psychology

When taking up psychology, you should be aware that it has a lot of branches where you need to choose one to become your major. When you happen to choose industrial psychology, you will need to study behavioral concerns that will give you a great advantage. I am talking about how an employee behaves, the behavioral structure of a team at work, environmental factors that affect your workplace as well as the attitudes of employees. All these things are very important for an industrial psychologist to learn.

When you are still an undergraduate industrial psychology student, you will go through a lot of subjects that are not very much different to the subjects learned by other majors in psychology. You will be learning a lot of the basic concepts of psychology. But in order to maximize your skills in becoming a psychologist you must specialized in industrial psychology. You will learn how a workplace functions and how to relate to the people in the industry.

Being an industrial psychology fresh graduate, it will be hard to get a job. But if you want to earn, you could use your knowledge you learned from your course for business purposes. Like creating an industrial psychology group offering psychologist services online. You can even make your online page for that and aim to get more followers in twitter to market your business.

21 April
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Industrial Career Producing Expert in any Field of Sciences

Development of technology and commercial product, a career in industrial science is needed. It is specializing in the area of research and manufacturing. You can choose from a range of careers in agricultural and biological sciences, the information and technology sector, food and pharmaceutical companies, as well as mining and mineral exploration.

Those who finish a study in industrial science will become Industrial Scientists. These scientists are spending on stressful and challenging deadline-oriented projects. Industrial Scientists invent, develop and troubleshoot new products and technologies. They work with other scientists in a consulting firm, manufacturing company, biotech firm, pharmaceutical company government and non-government agencies.

Once you are Industrial Scientist, it is important that you have a domain name. There are those companies that are looking for an expert in developing their products only to find someone who are not well verse and acquainted to the products they are promoting. It is an advantage if you have a domain name to know your expertise.

If you still have no domain, you must start to find domain name for your advantage. A busy person like you might have no time creating your own domain. Thus, you have to know where to find good domains. You can choose an expired domain so you will not spend your time in creating your domain. There are sites that give you a list of domains that have expired on the present day. This site is updating regularly with many deleted domains so you can find and made it easy for you to find the best one.

20 April
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Industrial Risk Communication

According to nationalists, a country is considered rich and abundant if it has its own industry. An independent industry is something which is free from foreign control and possible intervention. The country itself uses the resource within the country and utilizes human reserves of the country. Further, this is to say that an industry is a manifestation of a certain national development. It is a development which involves the movement of financial status of the country per se. It is a development which involves the participation of its citizens which is highly advantageous to the unemployed ones. Industry is development but it will not last like that for the rest of a country’s lifetime.

Like any other general rule of things, the industry is prone to risks. There are possibilities that factories would close down and lay off workers due to money shortage such that in the case of laboratory factories for medicines like Viagra. By the way, try to check this site on how to buy the product.

Hazards, environmental phenomenon and the like are inevitable risks. These are some things that would endanger an industry. But of course, they can always be minimized by preparedness. The world is now fully introduced to the concept of industrial risk management or communication in the form of forum, symposium and short courses to educate and prepare people involve in the industry.

20 April
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Industrial Risk Assessment Symposium

Any business venture and the business industry itself are prone to risk. It’s like a heavenly town filled with green trees but one inevitable day was attacked by an uncontrollable typhoon that rampage its heavenly beauty. This is similar to any business.

A very liquid bank today could be bankrupt in the next day. A business that profits well today may not be earning in the next five months. All these happen because things have corresponding risks. In every workplace for a certain industry needs an education committee that would somehow cater forum, symposium or education discussions about the improvement of a certain business.

For example, if the business has something to do with natural sweetener stevia, then the forum will have to focus on how to improve a business concentrated on it. Apart from improvement, there is always that corner that takes care of the risks that the business will encounter, so an industrial risk assessment symposium would be enlightening on the part of the workers and even stockholders of a certain company.

Forums and discussions are indispensable in a business that aims to be profitable and successful. As too much risk is bad, though it is helpful, it has to be managed wisely.

17 April
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The Effectiveness of Industrial Revolution in Transportation

Industrial Revolution basically refers to the complete changeover to new manufacturing procedure that occurred from a certain period of time. This process includes the shifting of hand production methods to machines, new procedure of chemical manufacturing, production of iron, and the change from wood and other bio-fuels to coal. Industrial revolution also makes way for a more efficient water power, steam power and progress in machine tool production.

During the first years of Industrial Revolution, domestic transport was by passable waterways and roads. To move or transport heavy goods, coastal vessels were the best means. Railways and road ways for wagons were the best effective development in bringing coal to rivers for delivery. The strength of animals was then best appreciated in inland transportation while sails that depended on the potency of wind served as the motive power of these coastal vessels.

As Industrial Revolution continues, it certainly brought much improvement on transportation especially in Europe and Great Britain. Innovation also allowed new concepts such as air transportation and the details can be checked here for more info, which spread quickly not only in Britain in with other parts of the world as well.

25 March
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Industrial Psychology

It’s more fun if you know what other people are thinking, especially if they are thinking about you, right? No matter how fun it may seem, it really won’t happen unless you are someone who is truly gifted. Speaking of gift, go to citilink tiket to know how to earn points every time you travel.  And I don’t know what kind of gift that is. However, you can have a chance to predict somebody’s thought and their behavior, but just make sure that you are doing it for the good of everybody just like what industrial psychologists do. They are using their knowledge in psychology to ensure the safety of everybody.

What is Industrial Psychology?

Industrial psychology studies behavior occurring within the workplace, including but not limited to the attitudes of the employers and the employees and organizational behavior. They study things such as cognition, human development, perception and personality. They are also experts in knowing the biological side of the behavior of an individual especially in the workplace.

Industrial psychologists focus on the individual and his relationship within the workplace with his co-workers and superiors. Their job covers employee safety, job performance measurement, job analysis, employee hiring systems and employee training.

22 March
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Industrial Medicine: Not Only for Workers

Industrial medicine’s primary concern is the prevention and treatment of diseases and accidental injuries of workers in the workplace.

Industrial medicine was limited before in the treatment of injuries and diseases occurring to production workers while at work. However, over the years this has changed so that everyone, whether working at the production area or in the office, can now be eligible for medical services. Even health programs in school can be considered as an extension of industrial medicine.

People now rely on psychic reader’s intervention when it concerns the precautionary measures that must be taken to prevent accidents and injuries. Some workers who want to know their future through psychic readers want to know how safe their workplace is and whether there’s a possibility of accidents taking place within the year. There are people who do not believe in forecasting their future, but the concerned industrial entities do their best to possibly prevent and be ready if this will really happen. To know more about psychic readers you can visit this site

The Egyptian and Roman physicians have recognized the diseases related to occupations. These physicians believed that somebody from the field must specialize in industrial medicine.

21 March
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Industrial Medicine Specialist

In any industry or company, there will always be that one person who will take charge of the health condition of the employees. This is the job of industrial medicine specialist. He will be the one who evaluate the health status of workers if they are capable to work or not.

Industrial medicine specialist responsibility is to make certain that the utmost standards of safety and health at the work setting can be attained and maintained. Though it has a wide variety of disciplines, it’s greatly focus on the preventive aspect and management of diseases, disability and injury related to work place. An occupational medicine specialist will watch over the worker’s health condition to make sure that they can work without their health being compromised. They can even prescribed you vitamins and even diet pills if you have issues with your weight. They can suggest you to buy Phen375 for instance to help you trim down your weight. Phen375 works in suppressing your body to eat and help in burning down fats as well as provide the body the energy for the muscle cells to be stimulated. Actually this is one of the safest pills that the market has to offer.

In line with the work of an occupational medicine specialist is to implement the work hazard. There are some companies wherein certain chemicals are found, and this can put the workers’ health at risk. So with this, PPE or protective personal equipment is implemented to use for the employees safety while working.

Health maintenance and counseling have turned as essential aspects of every company along with psychological evaluation. When you have workers who are physically and psychologically fit, then you are sure that they can work at their very best, making the production of your company boost; hence, this will be the start of your business success eventually.

12 March
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How Does an Industrial Risk Assessment Committee Help Mankind?

It is quite evident that the place we live in has been through a lot of changes. Green vast forests are no longer there and pollution is everywhere. Even in workplaces, safety is still not guaranteed. But does this really mean it is the end? No, there is something one can do. An industrial risk assessment committee might just be the solution we need.

Do you know what this committee does? Well, if not, then here are some of the things they do and why they help a lot in ensuring safety.

First and foremost, this said committee reviews the chemicals that different industries used. The environment has been damaged and humans are getting sick because of the many hazardous chemicals used by companies. But with the help of this committee, they will be able to identify what chemicals must not be used and if there is any alternative for it. Doing this ensures the safety and well-being of everyone.

Second, when tests need to be conducted, animals are used. This committee is also an advocate of animal control Marietta GA. Animals are living creatures too. They deserve to live. This committee wants to put an end to the use of animals as merely test subjects.

Lastly, this committee wants the public to be knowledgeable about the companies and industries that use dangerous chemicals. But of course, it will not be to a point that confidential information is revealed. Knowledge on such things is the beginning of a better life for all.

We should be happy that there is what we call an industrial risk assessment committee. Now, we don’t have to worry. Safety is just a reach away because of people like them.

5 March
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Web Design and Usability Are Important Factors for Users Health

For a good website, the content and the design are two of the most important things that a website owner must bear in mind. Your website must have the best web design and content for you to be able to attract more visitors in your own site. The more visitors visit your website, the more chances that you will be able to earn from your site. If earning is not your primary concern, you can also have a great design just to let people stay longer in your site.

Now, how to come up with the best website design and content would be the greatest battle. For you to come up with a brilliant idea for the design of the website, you need to relax your mind at times and reset it for some time. One of the best ways to relax your brain is by riding on a cruise ship. is one of the best cruise lines that you can trust. And in doing so, you will be able to relax your mind and see something beautiful. In this case, you will be able to stir up the creative side of your mind and then create a website that would surely capture the eyes and heart of your visitors.

4 March
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The Importance of Occupational Safety and Health

The safety of a workplace is crucial in helping reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. It is important to foster a safety and hazard workplace for any labors in the world. An organization has the responsibility to provide a working environment that practices utmost safety. This means providing safety gears and proper equipment to employees to avoid the risk of danger. Thus, industrial health conference is done to regularly update the safety measures the companies provide for their workforce. Industrial health conference aims in providing awareness to the workers across the globe on the importance of workplace safety and health.

Statistics show that some two million people die each year due to work-related accidents. That number alone did not include workers who contracted work-related diseases and those who suffered life-changing injuries. Because of this, some employees affected were forced to face early retirements to some extent. Apart from dealing with trauma their injuries or diseases have brought them, they can be also left invalid to work depending on the degree of their disease or injuries. This case is just alarming especially for those people who rely on one source of income for their bills, credit repair, and commodities.

This is why ILO or the International Labor Organization had set forth standards on occupational safety and health (OSH) that every company must adhere. The purpose of occupational safety and health is to adapt a safe and healthy work environment. Legally, OSH can help in the compensatory effects of law for the employees’ health and safety. Additionally, OSH can help reduce injury- and accident-related costs such as hospital bills, medical care, leaves and disability benefits.

With this in mind, it is important to have an OSH management in the company to reduce the risks of accidents and injuries. Doing so would continuously monitor the company’s manner in providing a safe and hazard-free environment for their labor.

3 March
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The Best Supplementary Medicine for You

Supplementary medicines are the remedy of what insufficiencies your body need. If only you have eaten a balance diet, doing some regular exercises and keeping healthy, I think supplementary medicines are not needed. But, nobody can say that his life is doing well in terms of healthy living.

If only we try to follow the right diet, maybe sickness and feeling weak can be overcome. Nobody wants to get sick and everyone wish to be healthy always. But, do you think anybody can assure himself that the food taken into the body can make him healthy?

When you go to health food stores, hundreds of supplements can be found. And all tells you that you need them because you are deficient in vitamins and minerals. Talking about deficiencies, do you think an overweight individual has deficiencies? Yes of course because there are parts of his body that is not doing well. Abnormality occurs in time of vitamins or mineral deficiency. One is that metabolism is no longer normal due to overeating, abnormalities of body parts such as thyroid gland and many more. If you are ask to write about deficiencies or obesity but you think you can’t meet the deadline when you do it on your own, then ivory research is your answer. Visit the page to know why.

For the abnormalities, supplementary medicine is needed. But again what supplementary medicines you can rely and effective? Many claim that this kind of supplement has remarkable benefits. It is tempting to try these supplements but the possible side effects and safety concerns aren’t always listed. The only assurance you can have is to go for a doctor’s prescription to what supplementary medicines are good for you.

25 February
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Industrial Health Sciences: A Strong Foundation for Industrial Hygiene Job

Industrial health sciences is a branch of study that deals with anticipating, identifying, evaluating, and controlling hazards due to human exposures to chemical, physical, biological, and radiological agents as well as faulty work practices.

The concern of the study is safeguarding the workplace that includes the hazardous waste, indoor air quality, and noise pollution. The study is expanded due to federal legislation such as Occupational Safety Act, the Toxic Substances Control Act, and the Clean Air Act, and the awareness of the need for a clean and safe environment. This is not only in land industry, but also in air and seas like Aqua Essentials.

This study will lead you to take B.S. degree with a major in Industrial Hygiene that may prepare a student to positions in industry, medical centers, government, and education.

Industrial Health Science can be a preparation for a career in industrial hygiene. A student taking this course must have a strong foundation in mathematics, physical science, engineering, and health sciences such as toxicology and epidemiology.

Industrial Hygiene requires a basic unit in sciences that includes industrial health sciences, specific coursework in occupational health and safety, and hands-on industrial hygiene experience gained from laboratory exercises in monitoring environment, field trips, and internships.

Students may find their career goals can be met if they major in Environmental Health Science that include Industrial health sciences and Occupational Health Science.

24 February
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Be Part of American Industrial Hygiene Association

AIHA or the American Industrial Hygiene Association is a large organization of occupational and environmental health professionals practicing industrial hygiene in industry, government, labor, academic institutions, and independent organizations. This non-profit organization was first started during 1939. It has 75 local sections and consists of 10,077 professional members. Ninety-six percent of it is college graduates, fifty percent possess Master’s Degree and twelve percent of it holds Doctoral Degree.

Here are some of the goals of American Industrial Hygiene Association:

  • To be able to maintain the highest professional standards for their professional industrial hygienists members;
  • Effectively work with the American Board of Industrial Hygiene to promote certification of industrial hygienist;
  • Manage comprehensive programs that keep occupational and environmental health and safety of professionals in the field of hygiene;
  • Administers different recognized laboratory accreditation programs, in line with the highest international standards. These particular programs are created to ensure the quality of the information used in making critical worker protection decisions.

So, if you want to pursue a career as a professional industrial hygienist, then you need to have a degree related to engineering, physics, chemistry, and biological or medical science from an accredited university or college who has at least three years of experience. Another thing, you need to have the ultimate passion to work and help other people. More than that, of course, you need to be physically fit to be able to perform the job effectively. However, if you think you’re not that too fit, then you should try one of the most effective slimming pills that are out in the market – the African Mango Plus. Try these effective slimming pills now and experience fast and excellent results.

22 February
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Things Discuss in Industrial Symposium

In any business, industrial symposium will always be present. This kind of symposium is done for the entire workers and people inside a certain company to update their knowledge for them to know what’s in and hot in the industry and how you can manage effectively certain things concerning your work. This will be an effective means for everybody to still learn new things even though they aren’t on school anymore, something that can be referred as “continuous education”.

Discuss in Symposium

There are actually different kinds of topics that you can use for a symposium relevant to your work. You can have a symposium about safety measures at work, how to get rid of stress, time management and a whole lot more.  You can also have a symposium on the latest technology that can be deemed significant for your job. You can spread the latest news for your co-workers to be aware. This will give individual growth for each and everyone not only for your company you are working in.

Other Interesting Topic

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The above-mentioned is just some of the interesting topics that you can make use of. There are still more ideal subjects that you can utilize. So never stop researching for ideal subjects and share your knowledge to your co-workers through conducting industrial symposium.

20 February
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The Effectiveness of Insurance Policy for People with High-Risk Works

As people work on places that are more prone to accidents, they must see to it that they really are covered with industrial health insurance. This policy will likely help an employee in case of any incidents while at work. This will suppose to cover work related illness and injuries, shoulder hospital bills, medication and other expenses needed for the recovery of an injured worker. In some cases, this type of insurance will serve as social security for people who are temporarily unable to work.

Almost all industries in the US really have this kind of policy for their workers. By having such benefit, both employers and workers will be secured in times of industrial accident, injury or sickness. In industries where workers don’t have health insurance, employers should keep in mind that once their workers meet accident, injured or sick; they really have to give financial assistance from their personal investments or else they will surely meet in court.

Industrial health insurance is basically a kind of security for people working in high-hazard industries that produce plastic materials, agricultural chemicals, paints, resins, automotive fuels and lubricants, electroplating, anodizing and other chemicals. Although this policy refers to health insurance for high risk job, there are some employments that can’t be cover by this policy.

Works that can’t be cover by industrial health insurance are:

  • People working as management staff
  • People who are working in a corporation where they are directors or having share of stocks in the company
  • Community service workers
  • Domestic helpers
  • Entertainers and musicians

As not all jobs are covered by this industrial health insurance, people with risky work might just consider self insurance as alternative to industrial health insurance. And for more assurance, might also think of having car insurance especially for job that requires traveling with company vehicles.

15 February
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Considering the Factors in Holding Industrial Conference

In business, there are lots of factors that really need to be considered. The industry has to be concern on everything the supports its cause. Its pillars – the tools, the management, the staff and manpower are the key players of every business.

Along with these factors, industrial conference is also of great help in uplifting the company’s constant development. In this kind of forum that usually attended by different business leaders, everything about the latest innovation in business is being presented. That’s why in occasion like this, proper preparation must be assured.

Holding an industrial conference is not an easy thing to do. It involves some factors like:

  • The size and location of the venue
  • Technical or logistical requirements
  • The catering – its arrangements and accommodation rates

As convention usually held for possible business commitments, investments and other financial transactions, organizers also have to assure the capability of their people when it comes to event like this. If possible, every individual that will work on a certain industrial conference must have been through online criminal record checks. It may sound harsh for some, but because this kind of gathering involves financial activities, everyone around – business players or simply organizers, all have to be legit.

14 February
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Industrial Health Center Greatest Responsibilities

Industrial health center in any industrial plant is concerned of protecting the safety, health, and welfare of people engaged in work or employment. The aim for establishing a health center is for the security and health programs that may include fostering a safe and healthy work environment.  Also included in the concern of this center is for the protection of co-workers, family members, employers, customers, and all others that are affected by the workplace environment.

Establishing an industrial health center can also monitor the safety and health as the basis for moral, legal, and financial reasons. It is the obligation of the company to ensure the employees and any other people who are affected by the company’s activities remain safe at all times.

Practices related to the preventive, punitive and compensatory effects of laws that protect worker’s safety and health are the legal aspects. Regarding the complete details of health laws in the industry, you can found a lot of resources in the internet already with picture illustration. Usually, this comes in PDF so if you want to be it in a JPG format but you don’t know how to do it in your Apple device, then you can learn through this site. These may include the medical care, sick leave and disability benefits which minimize injury and illness cost.

The industrial health center promotes and maintains the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being of workers. The employers risks resulting from factors adverse to health can be monitored and given some solutions to possibly minimize illnesses.

There are accidents in the working place that cannot be avoided such as physical hazards in the construction and mining. The health centers may give some recommendation from the incidents that could happen. And to lessen the danger and avoid the accident to occur again, employees is required to wear some protective clothing and mask in the working place depending on the industrial hazards.

10 February
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Skin Problems Due to Mystic Build – Believe It or Not?

Do you believe in faeries and other mystical creatures? Do you believe that everything that happens in us, worst or good are made by them? Even skin issues are said to be related to them. Our ancestors have believed deeply about the existence of faeries in our society and they have the power to do whatever they want to humans. But is this really true?

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Their sets of products don’t only have aesthetic sense but can really treat other skin problems like burns, dermatitis, cracked heels, cold sores and others. Their products are made in Australia so you are assured that these made with high quality of standard.  Now, be it faery mystic build or other reasons, your skin diseases and other superficial issues can now be given with the right and effective solutions.

5 February
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Implement Industrial Health Solutions

For every running business, aside from ensuring the state of the products and services to be rendered, the employees’ condition should also be given utmost value. These are the people who work in a company making it functional and effective. So as a business owner, in order to ensure your workers health, safety and security in the work setting, you must implement industrial health solutions.

Industrial Health Solutions

Industrial health solutions are efficient methods to provide great protection to your workers at work. This covers the cleanliness of the working area and the equipments the company has, and above all the health of the employees as they go to work. This includes annual or monthly check-up or even first aid treatment in times of sudden accidents. It’s true that having this kind of system in your company is quite costly and if in case you don’t have enough budget as of the moment to cater this but such cannot be delayed, well you can rely on pay day loans online.

Pay day loans online

Pay day loans online is your quick route to loan cash without going through the difficult process that bank loans or other lending companies has. With this, borrowers will not worry about their credit status, whether one is a bad credit holder or not, this doesn’t matter to them as credit checking is not done. What you need to do is to fill-up the application form with personal details needed, an active bank account, and a stable job for them to ensure that you really can pay them in the agreed time. Once done with the application process, you will just wait for a couple of minutes or hours to get approval. And after which, as they have confirmed your application, your required loaned amount of cash will be directly send to your account. So this is how it works here, it’s easy, fast and with less hassle.

Thus, there’s no reason not to implement the industrial health solutions if the only problem is lack of financial resources. Remember, that it’s part of the responsibility of any industry to follow appropriate health standards.

3 February
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Industrial Health Services Made More Convenient

All companies, including those huge and smaller ones are mandated to provide industrial health services to its employees. No matter how dangerous or safe a working place is, being ready is certainly a very important thing. Apart from injuries acquired by workers through accidents, chronic and acute health dilemmas must also be addressed. In case you are an owner of a certain company, you surely know that having a company clinic, doctor, and nurse is very essential. You want your business to be doing well and your key to success is the productivity of your workers. Since you want your workers to stay healthy to work for you well, you have to make sure that all of their health conditions are well taken care of.

Good thing, you don’t have to invest for a company clinic and shell out money for the nurse’s and doctor’s salary every month. Why? Well because you can ask a doctor online. This way, whenever your employees have problems on their health, all they will have to do is to go online and avail the services of medical doctors and specialists. They will have to ask questions by filling up a form and get the appropriate answers right away. For sure, they will feel better in just a short time and can then work for you again.

2 February
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Extreme Cleanliness Industrial Revolution Is Definitely a Must

In today’s highly technological environment, things have been so much easier to handle than it was before. What were manually done in the previous times is now replaced with machineries, making the task hassle-free and finish quickly. This is industrial revolution that has been a great help for many commerce and trade works these days.

The industrial revolution has made a major transition in the history. It influences almost every aspect of life. It increases work production in a quick manner so as the spike of income, making our economic growth improved as well. And as part of the maintenance of these machineries, regular clean-up is a must. This is not only for the sake of the machineries, but also to the cleanliness to the products produced by a certain company. That’s why utmost cleanliness industrial revolution should be strictly and a must to be implemented. Just like with your vehicle’s machineries. If you don’t keep an eye on the car’s parts, then expect the worst for your car. But there are things that you can’t be ready at all times, car accidents for instance. Dealing with your damaged car is not really easy to take and it would require you hefty amount of cash for that. That’s why it really pays to choose a car insurance company that will cover your car’s smash up like here. There are actually lots of them in the market with various auto insurance rates. Make sure that you’ll pick one with the most enticing benefits and reasonable auto insurance rate friendly to your pocket.

Now, you have come to realize that revolutionary machineries should also be given utmost consideration when it comes to sanitation and maintenance. This will not only make sure that you will be producing 100% germ free products, but to guarantee the functionality of the machineries.

31 January
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Effective Ways to Preserve Our Nature Ecology

Things are way different now as compared before. Well, our environment is the main proof to that. It cannot be denied that pollutions are spreading all over that greatly affects our ecosystem. And this is indeed a devastating fact. We are not only killing the nature, but ourselves too and we humans are the ones to blame.

Since we are responsible of the damaging effects of technology in our community, we are also accountable of bringing back the nature ecology. But the question is how? You may find this thing impossible since the situation gets even worst as the day passes by. But, with your own little hands, you can make a change. There are lots of groups or associations that are devoted in preserving our ecosystem and you can be a member of these groups. You can plant trees, spread awareness of proper garbage disposal, minimize the use of cellophanes and other plastic materials, etc. that can help in bringing back nature’s balance. As a matter of fact, a lot of countries in the world have raised such nature’s awareness. And you can visit these countries to join the advocacy of bringing back our nature’s best.

For any travel and cruise specials for you to be prepared on your trip, you can visit With this, you will be well guided on the places that you can stay and go to as you are going overseas.

27 January
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Industrial Hygiene Training: Basic Principles

The basics

It is a training given to medical, safety and occupational health professionals to improve prevention and control of workplace related injuries and illnesses. This training program includes workshops and discussion on industrial hygiene with its principles and effective practices. The goal of this program is for the participants to learn and apply the concept which is required to prevent injuries and improve the safety in the workplace.

This training ensures that participants will learn the most important elements of industrial hygiene so that they can efficiently practice the techniques in their workplace. It will provide extensive experience in any area of the work to prepare the participants. In case you will also need to enhance and improve online sales through PC campaign, online marketing Toronto is here to help you.

The participants

Basically, anyone whose work is related to health, safety, occupational health and well-being is recommended to undergo this training. This is to improve their knowledge and skills in prevention and protection of injuries and illness. The best participants for this training are:

  1. Line and plant managers
  2. Risk managers and loss control managers
  3. EHS personnel (Environmental health and safety)
  4. Industrial hygienist and technician
  5. Occupational physician and nurses
  6. Safety technicians and managers
  7. Manufacturing engineers

This training will surely give you the edge over other officers or workers who do not bother to upgrade their skills. Get yourself train and improve your potentials now.

9 January
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Assuring the Health and Safety at Work

Working in reputable company or industry is really a big thing when it comes to financial security. But everyone should always keep it mind that the bigger the company, the bigger also the risk it lays on every individual in each working place. Risks might be in the form of physical health hazard, chemical and microbiological threat and psychosocial hazards that can directly affect every individual while working.

With these issues at any workplace, a certain company really gets a team of experts that can handle things beyond ordinary employee’s control like for instance, if there are cases of chemical spill or leak. It must have to be professional industrial hygienists whose services really focused on the wellness of people at work. As they worked with their objective to protect and care for the health of every employee, they present their ideas, findings, and recommendations based on the logical principles and applications.

Professional industrial hygiene services literally advise their clients in confidence about the possible treats on health by these environmental and physical risks and the necessary precautions to avoid its effects on one’s health.

Health and Safety at Work

Health and Safety at Work. Image:

Anyone employed in industrial companies prone to these hazards must have to be aware if the companies they are working on really recognize the presence of these experts. On the part of the owner, the board or staff of a certain industrial company; as they are aware of the possible effects of their production must see to it that they really deal with some experts when it comes to health and safety of their workers.

This team of experts is consists of Certified Industrial Hygienist, Occupational Health and Safety Technologist and technicians that will inspect Industrial hygiene, asbestos and lead, audiometric and fit test. And since getting the services of the whole team will definitely cost additional expenditure, loans that has been offered by Go AAGP can sometimes be more considerable especially if the company is not that big that the expenses can be covered by its profit.

7 January
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Industrial Medicine Services

The services that industrial medicine departments offer to the employers and employee include an excellent injury prevention technique to effectively decrease the rate of injury incident in the workplace. It also involves quality rehabilitation programs in case of injuries so that employees can go back to work as soon as possible. This is to ensure quality work and increase productivity of the workers. Onsite or offsite assistance to the company is offered to make sure all needs of the workers are catered.

During an occurrence of injury, medical management directly begins through an immediate response system by extending quality lines of communication from the company to the instant medical or care providers. Immediate care is then provided without wasting time and employees do not need to wait longer to be treated. If the injured worker is in pain and needs tramadol high, then it is readily available as prescribed by a medical practitioner.

In the process of recovery of a worker, there will be a specific and detailed program prepared for him to establish a return to work routine and schedule without hazards to his treatment; this is to facilitate work production and healing of the worker. Furthermore, it offers work conditioning practice and work hardening system for the employees to effectively work in their particular field.

This service is centered to both the needs of the employee and employers in ensuring safe work environment and improves productivity.

7 January
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Health and Safety at Work

Industrial hygiene is a very important part of our work lives. It is defined as a science concerned with recognition, anticipation, communication, and evaluation and is also responsible for the control of environmental stressors in every work place that may cause illness, injury, impairment or even affect the well-being of an individual worker and to all the members of the community. These stressors are classified into five main classifications namely chemical, ergonomic, biological, psychosocial and physical. The profession of being an industrial hygienist uses a rigorous and strict scientific methodology that sometimes requires proper experience in identifying possible hazard and assessing exposure of the workplace and environment to risk.

Being an industrial hygienist is a very exciting job. This job is far more interesting than installing auto glass or any technical jobs. There is no specific educational attainment required for anyone who wants to be an industrial hygienist. However, the training course may require basic knowledge of statistics, chemistry, engineering, biology and mathematics. Training modules include Health Effects of Hazardous Substance, Measurement and Control of Hazardous Substance, External Environment, Ergonomics Essential among many others. You must pass all of these modules for you to be eligible in applying for the Certificate Oral Examination.

6 January
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The Value of Occupational Medicine

Occupational or industrial medicine is a division of clinical medicine that focuses more on occupational health. Occupational health is then maintenance and promotion of the highest level of mental, social, and physical well-being of employees in all kinds of work by keeping away from having a healthy environment, controlling risk and by making people adapt to their work. Specialists of Occupational Medicine work to give assurance that the highest standards of health and safety in the workplace can be achieved and maintained. Though it has a wide variety of fields, it focuses more on management of illness, preventive medicine and injury or disability that is directly related to the workplace. Occupational physicians must be competent in many important areas of clinical medicine. Sometimes they have the privilege of giving advice to governmental and state agencies, international bodies, and local organizations or trade unions.

Training in health and safety is a must to everyone who admires to be an Occupational Therapist. Majority of renowned American Schools of Medicine offer programs that emphasize on occupational health and safety. Be sure to ensure your payment by having a ppi claim in studying to any of these schools. Schools who offer this program include University of Michigan School of Public Health, Harvard School of Public Health, and John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health among many others.

6 January
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Hygiene and Cleanliness in Hotel Industry

I’ve had my fair share of hotels in my lifetime. As a businessman, so much of your meetings and other leisure activities would involve a hotel in some way. It may be just going to a spa in the nearest hotel from your home or going to a gym in the nearest hotel from your office. With all the time you may spend in a hotel, have you ever thought about how they clean after each guest or much worse, if they are even clean at all.

Hotel hygiene in different parts of the globe

From my experience in all my travels and running my online ticketing business, the hotels that keep well and follow hygiene, health, and safety regulations imposed by various health bureaus all over the world are the ones that would charge you for it. Take for example hotel Indonesia Jakarta, as I recently stayed there for one of my business trips, they did offer prompt cleaning services while the other hotels in the area that caused less was not as prompt. I wanted to save some expense so I guess it is true what they say, you get what you pay for as it seems to be right when it comes to the hygiene of hotels. It is almost always the case in all my other travels in Asia.

5 January
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Industrial Waste Hazards

Industrial wastes are in numerous forms and these can surely result to damage to the environment and harm to the health of the people.

The hazards that industrial waste brings are:

  1. Being constantly exposed to hazardous wastes and chemicals can lead to chronic diseases like cancer, asthma, respiratory illness and a whole lot more.
  2. Aside from chronic diseases, there are also acute effects that these harmful wastes can bring; it can lead to skin burns, poisoning, and skin or eye irritation.
  3. Hazardous waste does not only affect the people, but also the environment. It can contaminate the soil and the water supplies then affect the animals like fishes or the plants which have a harmful effect on the food chain. This affects the other organisms that feed on this kind of food source.

The usual products that can produce hazardous waste do not just come from the waste of chemical industries but it usually comes from most of the substances of electrical and electronic products and there batteries.

It is very important to constantly check the industries and companies in their waste management and disposal to make sure that they are doing the best to keep these hazardous wastes away from the people.